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SuperAlign is the leading AI Governance software that helps enterprises safeguard all AI initiatives including generative AI, Large Language Models (LLMs), in-house, third-party vendor, and embedded systems without stifling innovation

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Challenges in Modern Enterprise Governance and Compliance

Governance is manual and unscalable

Governance is manual and unscalable

Today, it takes teams between six to eighteen months to be compliance-ready..

Risks Associated with Third-Party AI Model

Risks Associated with Third-Party AI Model

Companies today utilise various vendor models for different use cases but lack an understanding of the associated risks.

Regulation is imminent

Regulation is imminent

With increasing regulatory scrutiny globally, navigating compliance requirements has become a daunting task for businesses.

Streamlined Compliance

Unified Data and Standards for Faster Innovation

A Single Source of Truth

Establish visibility into the risks, performance, health, and value of all AI initiatives by integrating with an organization's existing tech stack

Enforceable Compliance

Mitigate AI risks while increasing speed to production with enterprise-grade controls that automate and enforce governance policies at scale