Meet the Requirements of ISO 42001

At its core, ISO/IEC 42001 establishes international foundational practices for organizations to develop AI responsibly and effectively, while promoting public trust in AI systems with a standard that can eventually be certified through a third-party audit.

Streamline Your AI Risk Management Process

Comprehensive Strategies for Managing High-Risk AI Use Cases

The role of ISO and IEC in creating best practices across various domains is well-established. This is true in fields like cybersecurity, where ISO/IEC 27001 has set a benchmark for information security management. Similarly, ISO/IEC 42001 is expected to play a similar role for AI governance, allowing organizations to certify and showcase that the development and deployment of their AI systems can be trusted.

Our AI governance solution prepares you for ISO 42001 with:

1. AI Registry and Intake: Streamline and centralize the inventory of your organization's use case to ensure you are tracking key documentation and evidence to ensure compliance with ISO/IEC 42001 and other policies.

2. Policy Packs: With our ISO/IEC 42001 AI Policy Pack, organizations have clear and actionable steps on how to adopt the standard and monitoring compliance. Policy Packs are also available for other AI related laws, regulations, and standards.

3. Intelligent Risk Management: Address ISO 42001's requirements for establishing risk assessment and treatment processes with the Credo AI Governance Platform's library of AI-specific risk scenarios and controls.

4. Generate audit-ready reports: Demonstrate your organization's adherence to ISO 42001 and other regulatory frameworks to build and maintain trust.